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Beth Welsh Assistant Manager for Century 21 Riverstone

Beth Welsh - Assistant Manager

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I feel like Real Estate found me. Having always been very familiar with the industry because my family is so heavily involved, and being born and raised in Sandpoint, the fit was perfect. I started working as an assistant at Century 21 RiverStone in January of 2014. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, and wanting to provide the best service I could, I immediately began trying to learn everything I could - being 20 years old, I had a lot of learning to do. By August I knew I could see this being a long term calling, so I became licensed in Real Estate.

Since then, I have taken on much more responsibility within the company and worked my way up to a position of being the office’s Assistant Manager. Over the last couple of years, not only have I met some pretty wonderful people who’ve come through our office, but have developed some great friendships and had amazing opportunities to get to know the many Realtors at Century 21 RiverStone. I can honestly say this company sets the bar pretty high with the quality people we get to call our office agents.

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Family does, and will always come first in my life. I am blessed to live in a town where a ten minute walk down the street might mean running into a cousin, aunt, parent, or any sort of “shirt-tail” relative. I have always been surrounded by family, and I couldn’t ask for a better community for us to all be a part of. I have a beautiful, smart, spunky daughter who reminds me of myself more and more each day, which believe me, is a scary thing. I was also blessed in finding and marrying my “Mr. Right” at the age of 22 and falling in love with not only him, but my extremely large group of in-laws too. (He is the third of eleven children. Talk about working really hard for family approval)!!

I am constantly moving, and love finding new hobbies and challenges. Some days I prefer to relax with a glass of wine and paint, quilt, draw, or raid my Pinterest board for a new project. Other days, I want some excitement so I pull out the snowboard, kneeboard, or convince my husband to take out our “his and hers” jet-skis. Living in Sandpoint, our options for fun are endless.