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Schools in Bonner County


Bonner County has two schools Districts, District #83 that serves the Priest River and Priest Lake area, and District #84 that serves the towns of Sandpoint, Sagle, Hope and Clark Fork.

Little School in the Big Woods

Little School in the Big Woods

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
Phone: (208) 651-2531

Facility: Little School in the Big Woods is housed in our log cabin home and the 27 acre property surrounding it.

Location: 20 minutes East of Coeur d'Alene (in the beautiful Wolf Lodge District)

Drop off and pick up location (optional): Half-way between the school and Coeur d'Alene (8:40 am and 3:50pm). Parents are welcomed to drive all the way out to the school everyday if they want to.

Instructors: Rebekah Garvin (me) and my daughter (Maggie)

School hours: 9am to 3:30pm Lunch provided: Homemade and organic

Studies include: Bible study, outdoor nature activities, photography, art, reading, writing, crafts, cooking, drama, speech and a variety of other skill-sets. I focus on creating "bodies of work" instead of doing busy work.

Tuition: $325/month (2 days a week) or $525/month (4 days a week). Financial arrangements can be made to pay partial tuition every 2 weeks.

School Starts: Sept. 5, 2016

Mission Statement: To give kiddos (my students) the opportunity to learn and spend their days in a stress-free childhood-friendly natural home environment where they will grow into happy, healthy human beings who know their Creator and his plan for them. A great alternative for your kids!

Carden Academy

Carden Academy

320 S. Lavina Avenue Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-7767
Fax: (208) 263-7797

Private School Grade 1-6

Carden Academy

Citizens for Better Schools

414 Church St., Ste. 203 Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-2184

Citizens for Better Schools is a group of volunteer parents and community members who are interested in quality education in the Lake Pend Oreille School District.

Our main objectives are to promote and pass school levies and bonds and to share the latest information about the needs and accomplishments of our schools.

We feel that we can no longer afford to save money at the cost of our children and their future. Let's make the value of a child's education one of our primary family values.

Clark Fork Jr / Sr High School (District 84)

121 E. 4th / PO Box 129 Clark Fork, ID 83811
Phone: (208) 266-1131
Web Site: http://cf.lposd.org/

Early Head Start

137 Meadow Creek Road Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-2569

Head Start programs engage parents in their children's learning and help them in making progress toward their own educational, literacy and employment goals. Significant emphasis is placed on the involvement of parents in the administration of local Head Start programs.

Elk Mountain Academy

P.O. Box 411 Clark Fork, ID 83811
Phone: (208) 266-1122
Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/Elk-Mountain-Academy-142009192480778/

Elk Mountain Academy is a private high school in Clark Fork, Idaho. It is all male and nonsectarian, serving 24 students in grades 9-12.

Farmin Stidwell School (K-6) (District 84)

Farmin Stidwell School (K-6) (District 84)

1626 Spruce Street Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 265-2417
Fax: (208) 265-4610
Web Site: http://fs.lposd.org/

Forrest M. Bird Charter School

614 S. Madison Ave. Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 265-9737
Fax: (208) 263-9441

Hope Elementary School

Hope Elementary School

100 Peninsula Rd Hope, ID 83836
Phone: (208) 255-7232
Fax: (208) 264-5681
Web Site: http://hp.lposd.org/

The mission of Hope Elementary is to provide a positive learning environment for children to achieve their greatest potential.

Kootenai Elementary School (District 84)

Kootenai Elementary School (District 84)

301 Sprague Street Kootenai, ID 83840
Phone: (208) 255-4076
Fax: (208) 263-4699
Web Site: http://kt.lposd.org/

Lake Pend Oreille Alternative High School (District 84)

1005 N Boyer Ave Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-6121
Fax: (208) 265-5734
Web Site: http://lp.lposd.org/

Rick Dalessio, Principal

Lake Pend Oreille School District 84

Lake Pend Oreille School District 84

901 Triangle Dr Ponderay, ID 83852
Phone: (208) 263-2184
Fax: (208) 263-5053
Web Site: http://www.lposd.org/

North Idaho College

300 Bonner Mall Way # 81 Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-4594
Web Site: http://www.nic.edu/

North Idaho Learning Center

90 E Shore Dr Priest River, ID 83856
Phone: (208) 448-1939

Northside Elementary School (District 84)

7881 Colburn-Culver Road Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-2734
Fax: (208) 255-2944
Web Site: http://ns.lposd.org/

Panhandle Driving School

115 Spur Dr Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 265-2262

Priest Lake Elementary School (District 83)

27732 Hwy 57 Priest Lake, ID 83856
Phone: (208) 443-2555

Priest River Elementary School (District 83)

418 Harriet Ave Priest River, ID 83856
Phone: (208) 448-1181

Priest River Junior High School (District 83)

1020 W Albeni Hwy Priest River, ID 83856
Phone: (208) 448-1118
Fax: (208) 448-1119

Gary Go, Principal

Priest River LaManna High School (District 83)

596 HWY 57 Priest River, ID 83856
Phone: (208) 448-1211
Fax: (208) 448-1212
Web Site: http://www.westbonnerschools.org/lam/index.htm

Sagle Elementary School (District 84)

Sagle Elementary School (District 84)

550 Sagle Road Sagle, ID 83860
Phone: (208) 263-2757
Fax: (208) 263-6732
Web Site: http://sa.lposd.org/

Sandpoint Christian School

477954 Hwy 95 N Ponderay, ID 83852
Phone: (208) 265-8624
Fax: (208) 263-6504
Web Site: http://www.sandpointchristian.com/

Hearts | Minds | Futures - Pre-School to Grade Twelve

Sandpoint Junior Academy

2255 W. Pine Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-3584
Fax: (208) 263-8683
Web Site: http://www.sjasda.org/

Welcome to the Sandpoint Junior Academy website. We are a Kindergarten through 10th grade Seventh-day Adventist school located in Sandpoint, ID.

Sandpoint Middle School

Sandpoint Middle School (District 84)

310 S Division Ave Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 265-4169
Fax: (208) 263-5525
Web Site: http://sm.lposd.org/

Principal, Kim Keaton

Sandpoint High School

Sandpoint Senior High School (District 84)

410 S Division Ave Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-3034
Fax: (208) 263-5321
Web Site: http://sh.lposd.org/

Sandpoint Waldorf School

Sandpoint Waldorf School

2007 Sandpoint West Dr / P.O. Box 95 Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 265-2683
Fax: (208) 265-2683
Web Site: http://www.sandpointwaldorf.org/

Non-profit, elementary school with grades pre-school through eight

Selkirk School

11014 W Pine St Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-4931

Southside Community Church and School

Southside Community Church and School

315 Cocolalla Lp Road Cocolalla, ID 83813
Phone: (208) 263-8440
Web Site: http://www.southsidecommunitychurch.org/

Our greatest desire is for people to come to know God personally. The simple truth is that there is a God who created you and loves you very much. (Genesis 1:1) He gave us life and deserves our gratitude and love.

Southside Elementary School (District 84)

Southside Elementary School (District 84)

#1 Southside School Road / P.O. Box 159 Cocolalla, ID 83813
Phone: (208) 263-3020
Fax: (208) 265-4836
Web Site: http://ss.lposd.org/

Located in the Idaho Panhandle within the Cocolalla Valley, Southside Elementary School is a rural K-6 school with an enrollment of 183 students. Known for its close knit family atmosphere, Southside instills the character traits of responsibility, caring, fairness, respect, citizenship, and trustworthiness in its students.

University Of Idaho

1031 N. Academic Way, Suite 242 Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
Phone: (208) 667-2588
Fax: (208) 664-1272
Toll-Free: (888) 208-2268
Web Site: http://www.uidaho.edu/cda/aboutus/sandpoint

The University of Idaho also has a presence in Sandpoint, Idaho. Two programs are delivered throughout the region including

Educational Leadership and the Executive MBA program. Educational Leadership will start a new two-year group in Fall 2008. Courses are a mix of live, online and compressed video. Most live courses are offered at Sandpoint High School.

A new two-year group of students will begin the EMBA program in Sandpoint in Fall 2009. The first group will graduate in June 2009. Students meet twice a month for two days (Friday-Saturday) at the Coldwater Creek Training Center.

There also are two agricultural centers located in Sandpoint: The Bonner County Extension Office and the Sandpoint Research and Extension Center.

Washington Elementary School (District 84)

Washington Elementary School (District 84)

420 S. Boyer Ave. Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 263-4759
Fax: (208) 263-1453
Web Site: http://wa.lposd.org/

Washington Elementary School is optimally located in south Sandpoint, Idaho near Lake Pend Oreille, city parks and businesses. Our school is truly a learning community with students in Kindergarten through grade six.

West Bonner County School District #83

134 Main Street Priest River, ID 83856
Phone: (208) 448-4439
Fax: (208) 448-4629
Web Site: http://www.westbonnerschools.org/

Sandpoint Middle School